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HMV’s dead?!

13 May

I was in Cogestoga mall the other day and just wanted to buy something. The shops are not very good in terms of variety and I really had difficulty to pick something that interests me.

Luckily, at the corner of the mall, I found HMV. That’s the perfect choice, you can spend just a little money to kill a lot of time. And you could also enjoying browsing so many items of music or movies. HMV is one of my favorite stores. It’s more than just a shop, it is the place you find great music, that’s what my passion is about.

So I grabbed a basket. Not everyone will need a basket when shops at HMV. But to me, I will often buy loads of CD. I searched twice of the shelfs. You know what, nothing I could really buy. Music, I would not buy because now I use iphone to listen music. It’s just a pain in the ass to buy CD, then transfer into itunes and transfer to iphone. This process was something I really liked at the beginning of ipod. But itunes made it so easy and so neat. What’s the point to buy CD again. This change even surprised myself. I am the one who will think I am so loyal to CD. This stands for the feeling to my past about music. But now, gradually, you changed by technology. Movies, well, I could buy some. But again, I’ve been downloading from itunestore, it’s much easier to use.

Yeah, finally, i put the basket back empty. I wanted to spend some money at HMV. It’s like go to your old friend’s coffee shop. Not for coffee, just for the long relationship. But I failed today.

I remember that I felt sad the flagship HMV store in Vancouver vanished. I resisted to accept the HMV was history. But today, I realized that it is something you can’t avoid. Technology changes the world, you have to accept it. Apple is phenomenal, Steve Jobs is a hero, because to me, building a platform of music, entering the arrogant music industry in such a short time, and with substantial success,  is  unbelievable! I like both HMV and Apple, just hope one day Apple won’t be left out so quickly as HMV today.

Luckily, no matter how the formats change, music is still touching millions of people as usual!